Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization improves a site’s ranking in search engine results for keywords that are important to the company’s business.

SEO includes

Google Analytics

  • Google Analytics is a free web analytics software.
  • Google Analytics receives information about a website visitor when the visitor’s web browser executes Javascript code


  • Matomo (formerly known as Piwik) is open source web analytics software that competes with Google Analytics.
  • Matomo is available as a paid service and a free version to be installed on your own server.
  • Matomo is suitable for those for whom privacy and security are important.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a webmaster’s tool, which tells you which keywords visitors used to find organic search results for your site (the visitor searched on Google), how many impressions you received for each keyword, and what your site’s clickthrough rate was for those keywords.

Google Tag Manager

  • Google released in year 2012 Tag Manager tool to make it easier to manage website tags and speed up the launch of various marketing campaigns.
  • Tags are small pieces of code that are installed in the source code of a web page.
  • The tags do not appear to the visitor directly on the website, but by looking at the source code of the page.

Google Data Studio

  • Google Data Studio is a free marketing tool that helps you visualize and report information.
  • Google Data Studio can be connected to multiple data sources “raw data”, Google Analytics service, 360 Analytics, Adwords, Sheets and Youtube and 3rd party data sources for example Matomo.

Continuous doing

  • Search engine optimization is an ongoing job, which requires regularly monitoring.
  • Google is constantly changing its Page Rank algorithm.
  • If the ranking slips, you must react as soon as possible.

Keyword research

Content is the critical thing in SEO. You should invest time for choosing the right keywords. When you know the keywords, whereby your customers are looking for products and services, you need to write this equivalent content.

SEO audit

SEO audit includes a fundamental review of the website, which clearly shows e.g. status of SEO, potential technical issues, and opportunity.

techinal SEO

Techinal SEO

It is typical to start technical SEO with editing titles and meta descriptions. Another thing are indexing, XML site map, redirects, broken links, usability, loading time etc.

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